Blacksand Genève


In creating Blacksand Genève, Alain Mouawad wished to pay tribute to the know-how and the tradition of Swiss watchmaking, while offering a decidedly different product. Blacksand Genève is a watch created for a clientele of free-spirited connoisseurs, personalities for whom luxury symbolizes a time that is chosen beyond the dictatorship of marketing-driven status-enhancing conventions.
He offers a contemporary watch with an urban, sporty profile for the Uniformity men’s collection; and a refined and responsible nature in the Continuity ladies’ collection.

Blacksand Genève - Swiss luxury watches


Created in cooperation with the finest watch industry subcontractor s based in the Jura and Geneva regions, the Uniformity for men and Continuity for women collections are finalized in the 200m2 workshops opened at the heart of Carouge, in the Canton of Geneva – revealing an approach and an investment that confirm the brand's long-term positioning.