Blacksand Genève

philosophie SEMPER FIDELIS

Watches by Blacksand Genève symbolize a deliberately chosen contemporary y time. A time that is wished for. Free of any historical watchmaking attachments, the brand feels resolutely in tune with its era and wishes to celebrate its own time, the present.

Blacksand Genève - Swiss luxury watches

From a certain standpoint, the approach adopted by Blacksand Genève is very similar to that of the master-watchmakers of yesterday, who sought to simplify the construction of their watches in order to give the objects their authentic reason for being and to ensure the best possible functionality. Original, sophisticated but never ostentatious, a Blacksand Genève watch is made to be experienced, to be lived with.

It is only in the hand and then on the wrist that it truly reveals its nature to its audience. It will prove capable of sharing contemporary time and celebrating its era, while paying tribute to five hundred years of horological ingenuity